"This is Mana. My home planet. I am Achilles Watson, one of its defenders. I am part of an elite that's sole purpose is to protect its inhabitants."-Achilles' narration in the pilot episode.

Basic Edit

Mana's Elite is a group that was put together by the government of Mana to defend the planet from Serious Threats such as Vince and all manner of demons. The group is funded and handpicked by the government officials for their strength, their intelligence, or for their adept Magic skills.

Members Edit

  • Flora Sprinkle
  • Maxim Sprinkle
  • Achilles Watson
  • Aleck Watson
  • Krissy Blackbird
  • Mack Starz
  • Socrates Crescent
  • Michelle Crescent (deceased)
  • Suling Anezaki
  • Dyol Hendji

Trivia Edit

  • There's a good chance that Flora and Maxim were in the group in exchange for freedom of being enslaved
  • Out of the group, according to Achilles, Socrates is the most powerful member of the group.
  • Mack was the last member to join the Elite.